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"Cross Roads Blues" by Paul McAuley; "Inheritance" (revised version) by Paul McAuley; "Song of Bullfrogs, Cry of Geese" by Nicola Griffith; "Freezing Geezers" by Kit Reed; "The Edge of Nowhere" by James Patrick Kelly; "Distant Galaxies Colliding" by Gareth L Powell; "Three Days in a Border Town" by Jeff VanderMeer; "Tall Tales on the Iron Horse" by Colin P Davies; "What's Up Tiger Lily?" by Paul Di Filippo; "Helix" by Eric Brown; "Golden" by Al Robertson; "The Blood King" by Gail Martin; "Fingernails" by Zoran Zivkovic; "Six Lights off Green Scar" by Gareth L Powell; "In Transit" by Keith Brooke and Eric Brown; "Bright of the Sky" by Kay Kenyon; "The Scalding Rooms" by Conrad Williams; "King of All and the Metal Sentinel" by Deborah Biancotti; "The Liberty Gun" by Martin Sketchley; "The Summoner" by Gail Martin; "Going Harvey in the Big House" by Douglas Smith; "Dusk" by Jack Deighton; "The Face in the Flame" by Matt Spencer; "School: the Seventh Silence" by Craig Herbertson; "Discreet Phenomena" by Dave Hutchinson; "An Oasis of Horror" by Brian Stableford; "End of the World Blues" by Jon Courtenay Grimwood; "The Destiny Mask" by Martin Sketchley; "Rainbow Bridge" by Gwyneth Jones; "Speed Demons" by Andrew J Wilson; "I Hold My Father's Paws" by David D Levine; "Waiting for Angels" by Lauren Halkon; "The Baby Merchant" by Kit Reed; "Usurper" by Patrick Welch; "Harrowfield" by Neil Williamson; "Mr Applewick" by Tamar Yellin; "Hinterland" by David Barnett; "Crucifixation" by Lavie Tidhar; "Star Wars Republic Commando: Triple Zero" by Karen Traviss; "The World Before" by Karen Traviss; "Red Hands, Black Hands" by Chris Roberson; "Here, There and Everywhere" by Chris Roberson; "Pictures on a Cafe Wall" by Damian Kilby; "Genetopia" by Keith Brooke.


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This is what infinity plus is all about: short stories and novel extracts. But there's more to it than that...

Some of the authors have written extra material, giving insights into the story's background, its publishing history and so on. There are links to other sections of infinity plus where you'll find reviews, external links, bibliographies or other information about the authors and their work.

If you want to save a story to read off-line and you're using a browser such as Netscape or Explorer, use the 'Save as...' option from the 'File' menu. This does not, however, give you the right to distribute the stories in any form -- all contributions to infinity plus remain the copyright of the authors.

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