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Time Hunter: The Tunnel at the End of the Light

by Stefan Petrucha

(Telos Publishing £7.99, 104 pages, paperback, published March 2004.)

Review by Russell Cook

There is something nasty underground, strange half human creatures are attacking, just to get a sugar fix it seems.cover scan

This is the second novella in "The Time Hunter" series and Honore Lechasseur and Emily are together, their unique connection as Time Sensitives forging a strong if unlikely friendship. They try to lead as normal lives as possible but at the back of their minds they know that things will happen to them, memories are hazy. Emily remains the mystery, she doesn't know who she is or where she hails from. She exudes a confidence taking the lead whereas the charismatic Lechasseur appears hesitant and unsure. Time shifting makes him uncomfortable. Emily takes it all in her stride and this bodes well for character development in future stories in this series.

This short snappy tale moves along at a fair old pace. Scenes with the creatures attacking are genuinely disturbing and the story leans more towards light horror, avoiding the science fiction elements this time around.

Robert Crest, the rather ugly poet comes across very well in all his panic and imploring behaviour to get Honore and Emily to investigate the conviction that he is being hunted down to be killed. It is not hard to work out what Mr. Crest has evolved from but this does not detract from this underground tale told in a rounded and compelling way.

A welcome addition to this promising series and I am very much looking forward to further tales of the intrepid duo.

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