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Shadowfall: Book One of the Godslayer Chronicles

by James Clemens

(Roc, 2005. U.S. $24.95 / Canada $36.00 hardcover. ISBN: 0-451-45994-6. Orbit, £10.99, 470 pages, trade paperback, published May 2005. Orbit, £7.99, 674 pages, paperback, this edition published May 2006.)

Shadowfall by James Clemens (US edition)Review by Elizabeth Barrette

What do you do when you've just witnessed the murder of a goddess? Tylar de Noche pleads innocence, but finds himself accused of killing Meeryn. No one believes the word of a man who once served as a Shadowknight but was stripped of his station for long-ago crimes. Now he carries within him the magical Grace given to him by the dying goddess -- and the responsibility to find out who really murdered Meeryn.

James Clemens has created a fascinating world rich in magic. The Hundred Gods are a strange blend of mortal and divine, Shadowfall by James Clemens (UK edition)whose bodily "humours" -- such as blood and tears -- can bless objects or people with magical qualities. But the gods are bound to a particular territory, and each sundered from their higher and lower selves, grim reminders of an ancient war fought with a weapon that once destroyed a world. The unique setting and detailed characters give this story a tension and flavor all its own.

Shadowfall is a memorable work of dark fantasy. Fans of adventure and court intrigue will particularly enjoy it. Highly recommended.



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