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The Otherhood

by Lytchcov Zammana

(American Book Publishing/Millennial Mind Publishing, $18.00 US, 340 pages, paperback, published 2001.)

Sometime not too far from now, Victor Jones falls foul of a family/business feud, and cover scanhis mind is genetically transported into the following: the year 2084; the body of one of his descendants, Viceroy Jones; an organic, sentient California megalopolis called the Terramyd, ruled by descendants antagonistic to him. Meanwhile, the mind of Viceroy Jones has been transported back to near-future California and into the body of his ancestor, Victor Jones. In their two different and differently unfamiliar new-found eras, the "brothers" have adventures battling against a tyranny headed by a member of their own family.

Zammana's ambition in this fiction is to be commended -- indeed, admired. Unfortunately, the standard of writing isn't quite up to the ambition; if ever there was a case for a nurturing editor, this book is it. With the characters being little more than names and the immensely complex interior of the Terramyd being always described rather than experienced, it becomes virtually impossible for readers -- this reader, at least -- to keep a grasp on what's actually going on at any particular moment. That said, for the ambition and imaginative fervour alone, The Otherhood is well worth a look.

Review by John Grant.

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