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infinity plus isn't just fiction: it's about fiction, too. This part of the site is where our contributors indulge their passion for science fiction and fantasy by writing about it: book reviews, critical essays, viewpoint pieces, discussions of what drives the writers to do what they do, and more.

There are three main areas:

Note: all contributions to infinity plus remain the copyright of the authors, and must not be distributed in any form without permission.


The most recent non-fiction features are listed below (in chronological order); for a full listing see Features Archive.

  • An Interview with Paul McAuley
    Paul McAuley talks about SF, thrillers, and things lost, things that should be restored.
    -- non-fiction by Stuart Carter; added: August 2007 --
  • The Arthur C Clarke Shortlist 2007 by Abigail Nussbaum
    "...therein lies the loopy charm of this award, which seems to have been created, first and foremost, to get people talking."
    -- non-fiction by Abigail Nussbaum; added: June 2007 --
  • Gail Z Martin interviewed
    Gail tells infinity plus about ghosts, bullying and the end of the world.
    -- non-fiction; added: June 2007 --
  • Bright of the Sky: An Interview with Kay Kenyon by Karen D Fishler
    Kay Kenyon tells Karen D Fishler about world-building and the thinking behind her new series The Entire and the Rose.
    -- non-fiction by Karen D Fishler; added: April 2007 --
  • Conrad Williams interviewed by Keith Brooke
    Butchery, teaching creative writing and suitcases full of cash... the world of Conrad Williams, as told to Keith Brooke.
    -- non-fiction by Keith Brooke; added: March 2007 --
  • Brian Stableford interviewed by Barbara Godwin
    Marking publication of his hundredth book, Brian Stableford talks to his former student about achievements to date and what lies ahead.
    -- non-fiction by Barbara Godwin; added: September 2006 --
  • Jon Courtenay Grimwood interviewed
    Award-winning English science fiction author Jon Courtenay Grimwood talks about his tenth novel, End of the World Blues.
    -- non-fiction by Claire Weaver; added: August 2006 --
  • Martin Sketchley interviewed
    Author of the Structure seriews, Martin Sketchley talks about music, time and castanets.
    -- non-fiction by Ian R MacLeod; added: August 2006 --
  • A complete listing of infinity plus essays and interviews is available in the Features Archive.

infinity plus introduces...

...authors or books that may be unfamiliar to current readers but should not be. In this occasional series, authors seek to draw your attention to works of sf, fantasy or horror they feel are not currently getting the attention they deserve: an author who has slipped from prominence, an overlooked current writer, a lost masterpiece, or maybe someone who's never had the attention they deserve.

Recent additions: Recommended Modern Anthologies of Cthulhu Mythos Fiction by William P Simmons, John Christopher's Tripods trilogy by Keith Brooke, Talented Dreamer: an appreciation of the fiction of Zoran Zivkovic by Tamar Yellin.


The most recent reviews are listed below; all infinity plus reviews are listed in the Reviews Archive; and this site also hosts Claude Lalumière's Fantastic Fiction, the online reviews archive from The Montreal Gazette.

Each review includes publishing details for the copy of the book seen by the reviewer. Our Books Received sections list details of books awaiting review, and includes information about where to send review copies.

  • Glorifying Terrorism edited by Farah Mendlesohn
    "A superb vaccine against the relentless drip-drip-drip of the with-us-or-against-us attitude expressed by our political leaders."
    -- a review by Stuart Carter; added: August 2007 --
  • Ink: The Book of All Hours 2 by Hal Duncan
    "A furious lament, a work of love and anger ... amazing."
    -- a review by Jakob Schmidt; added: August 2007 --
  • Threshold Shift by Eric Brown
    "An Eric Brown book to enthuse about ... worth a read for anyone who enjoys ideas-driven SF."
    -- a review by John Toon; added: August 2007 --
  • Residue by Andrew Hook
    "This book will entertain you, because Hook is an excellent writer, but, more importantly, will make you think."
    -- a review by Mario Guslandi; added: August 2007 --
  • The Servants by Michael Marshall Smith
    "A great, captivating work which will make you wonder about life's true meaning and essence."
    -- a review by Mario Guslandi; added: August 2007 --
  • The Midnighters trilogy by Scott Westerfeld
    "An entertaining series that relies on the interaction between its engaging characters as much as its action setpieces and its well-worked-out premise."
    -- a review by Gary Couzens; added: August 2007 --
  • Fledgling by Octavia Butler
    "Certainly Fledgling is up there with her earlier novels."
    -- a review by Jason Prince; added: August 2007 --
  • Vicious Circle by Mike Carey
    "Really rocks along with an exquisitely paced corkscrew twisty plot."
    -- a review by Martin Owton; added: August 2007 --
  • The End of Harry Potter? by David Langford
    "A pleasant read that goes some way to overcoming the fact that the book will be obsolete in the none-too-distant future."
    -- a review by Gary Couzens; added: August 2007 --
  • The Justice of the Night by Glen Cavaliero
    "A disturbingly beautiful yet emotionally scathing collection."
    -- a review by William P Simmons; added: August 2007 --
  • The Complete Chronicles of Conan: Centenary Edition by Robert E Howard
    "There is no doubt they are a product of their times... but they manage to transcend this and remain accessible for readers today."
    -- a review by Jason Prince; added: August 2007 --
  • Nova Swing by M John Harrison
    "Even if it had been a mainstream novel the noirish style and lack of engagement with the characters would render it substantially flawed."
    -- a review by Jack Deighton; added: August 2007 --
  • Common and Precious by Tim Susman
    "This is a coming-of-age story and a social class analysis; but it's also a great novel, dark and bitter as fine chocolate."
    -- a review by Elizabeth Barrette; added: August 2007 --
  • Parallax View by Keith Brooke and Eric Brown
    "Serious science fiction for the more thoughtful grown-ups amongst you."
    -- a review by Stuart Carter; added: June 2007 --
  • Ephemera by Neil Williamson
    "A very strong collection, well worth buying and reading, not once but many times."
    -- a review by Lawrence Osborn; added: June 2007 --
  • Sloth by Gilbert Hernandez
    "His strongest non-Love & Rockets work to date."
    -- reviewed in Claude Lalumière's Fantastic Fiction; added: June 2007 --
  • A complete listing of infinity plus reviews is available in the Reviews Archive.

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