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Hidden in Sight

by Julie E Czerneda

(DAW Books, US $6.99 / Canada $9.99, 493 pages, paperback, 2003.)

How can a creature be hundreds of years old, and yet still childlike and naïve? cover scanThis riddle is the charm of Esen-alit-Quar, the main character in this novel. Esen manages to convey a sense of wonder at everything she encounters, along with a certain nascent wisdom. She carries not only her own memories but also the memories of her kin -- who have all been murdered by hunters who find her species' very existence a threat. Shapeshifters aren't very popular even in a science-fiction setting.

In this, the third of the Web Shifters series, Esen and her closest friend Paul return to Esen's early home, Picco's Moon. Drawn there by rumors that someone is mining the mountain where Esen's elders once lived, they discover a more sinister purpose than idle greed. And their own family, which has expanded to include a few trusted others, is shattered by betrayal. How can you fight what you can't find? The question that once meant Esen's best chance of safety now turns against her.

Hidden in Sight takes the story of the Web to a new level, as Esen struggles to maintain both identity and sanctuary in a swiftly changing world. Recommended.

Review by Elizabeth Barrette.

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