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Other stuff? At the moment, this section mostly consists of notes on infinity plus contributors, magazines and independent publishers and links to other sites of interest. Over time, we'll add ... well ... other stuff.

infinity plus edits Interzone - for one issue only we took over the Hugo-winning magazine and filled its pages with new fiction and non-fiction from a selection of this site's contributors.

infinity plus: the anthology - find out about the anthology featuring work of some of this site's leading contributors, including Michael Swanwick, Mary Gentle, Vonda McIntyre, Lucius Shepard, Stephen Baxter, Michael Moorcock, Kim Stanley Robinson and others. "A ground-breaking anthology from some of the very best writers in the business today" - Gardner Dozois.

Magazines & independent publishers

Find out about some of the best places to find the kind of fiction you've been reading in infinity plus.

Publishers with pages on this site:

Off-site links:
  • Absolute Magnitude.
  • Albedo One - website of the Irish semiprozine. Well worth investigating, and also organisers of the Aeon Award, a contest for new speculative fiction with a 1000 Euro prize.
  • Alien Online - commentary from top sf, fantasy and horror authors, plus market reports, book previews and more.
  • Analog.
  • Apex Digest - genre fiction from range of authors, including many infinity plus contributors.
  • Artemis Magazine - near-future hard sf (currently on hiatus).
  • Asimov's SF Magazine.
  • BBR - award-winning speculative fiction magazine.
  • Black Gate - top fantasy print magazine.
  • Cemetery Dance - the World Fantasy Award-winning horror magazine.
  • Cold Print - online archive, with part- and complete- interviews, fiction, etc, from the print magazine, featuring many infinity plus contributors.
  • Cosmos, the Australian science magazine (not to be confused with Cosmos Books) has published sf stories by a number of top authors and now they're online.
  • Crescent Blues - comprehensive webzine devoted to all genres of fiction.
  • Darker Matter - online science-fiction magazine.
  • DNA Publications - publisher of Weird Tales, Aboriginal SF, Dreams of Decadence and Absolute Magnitude.
  • The Edge - British magazine of daring new fiction.
  • Emerald City - one of the best webzines for reviews and other non-fiction.
  • Fantastic Metropolis - impressive site devoted solely to those writers trying to create newness and vitality in a stagnant marketplace. "There is no Product here; only Art."
  • Fantastic Stories (formerly known as Pirate Writings).
  • Fax 21 - illustrated sci-fi texts and general satire in journalistic style, with artwork and animated graphics.
  • Gothic Net - professional online horror.
  • GUD - Greatest Uncommon Denominator Magazine, featuring all kinds of fiction, including stories by infinity plus contributors.
  • Immanion Press - another striking indie publisher, established by Storm Constantine.
  • The Infinite Matrix - another online prozine.
  • Locus Online - unbeatable for news and a wealth of information about the genre.
  • The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.
  • Nemonymous - "a journal of parthenogenetic fiction and late labelling": an impressive range of authors, only credited in the subsequent issue, putting the emphasis on fiction over reputation.
  • Planet Magazine - short sf and fantasy by emerging writers; online since January 1994.
  • Prime Books - a fine independent press, publishing many infinity plus contributors.
  • ProjectPulp - brings together many small presses from around the world to make them available to a wider readership.
  • Science Fiction Weekly - more media-related, but good for interviews and news at Sci Fi Wire.
  • SciFiction - edited by Ellen Datlow and so, inevitably, published some of the best genre fiction available until it was wound down at the end of 2005.
  • SF Revu - good for reviews, interviews and other non-fiction.
  • SF Site - reviews, interviews, features and masses of links.
  • Trashotron - great reviews site.
  • Visionary Tongue - online fiction.
  • Weird Tales.
  • The Zone - science fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery website - with critical articles, author/celebrity interviews and profiles, incisive media review coverage of books, cinema, video, DVD, genre TV and lots more.
Other publishing ventures:
  • Short-short-stories-by-email by Bruce Holland Rogers
    (; $5 annual subscription)
    "Stories go out three times a month, and they are an unpredictable mix of literary fiction, science fiction, fairy tales, mysteries, and work that is hard to classify."
  • Buzzcity Press - excerpts from various titles, including the International Horror Guild Award-winning The Divinity Student, by Michael Cisco, plus guidelines for the award-winning Silver Web magazine.
  • Necropolitan Press - another independent publisher of classy dark fiction.
  • Pigasus Press - long-established independent publisher of genre fiction and poetry in Premonitions magazine, and information for writers in small press newsletter dragon's breath.
  • Pyr Books - impressive SF imprint from respected non-fiction publisher Prometheus.
  • The excellent Seeing Ear Theater includes Real Audio readings and adaptations of the work of a range of authors, including work by Kit Reed, James Patrick Kelly, Patrick O'Leary, Stephen Baxter and Eric Brown.
  • Small Beer Press - publishers of work by Naomi Mitchison, Kate Wilhelm, Sean Stewart, Kelly Link, Maureen F McHugh, Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet and much more.
  • 253 - not a publisher, as such, more of a publishing event: an odd and compelling interactive novel by Geoff Ryman.
  • Lord of Stone - the online novel by Keith Brooke.

The contributors

(Note: not all infinity plus contributors
have biographies on the site)

Other stuff

  • Like infinity plus so much you want to submit something? Want to find out how to submit your work to editors in a professional manner? Check our guidelines section first.
  • Site-seeing - the infinity plus guide to the Web.
  • Scottish SF: a special feature guest-edited by Neil Williamson to mark the 63rd World Science Fiction Convention held in Glasgow in August 2005.
  • Yes, it's nice that you can read all this top quality sf and fantasy on the WWW, but it still doesn't beat real books and magazines, does it? The infinity plus bookshop will help you get your hands on the real thing.

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