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DF Lewis

Recipient of the British Fantasy Society Karl Edward Wagner Award 1998

Highly sophisticated Weirdmonger by DF Lewisand wonderfully nightmarish imagination, an expertly controlled and sardonic vision that reminds me as much of avant-gardists like William Burroughs as it does the best traditions of horror literature -- Thomas Ligotti in Dagon DFL Special

DFL's work is imaginative, original and beautifully written; so good that the editors dare to be different by printing it -- letter in Scavenger's Newsletter (USA)

DFL needs no biography. He has been one of my favorite authors for years... -- Black Moon

At his best he is capable of convincing the reader that he is the inheritor of Lovecraft's nightmares -- Blood From Stones

DFL books

  • Weirdmonger (400 pages, 1 October 2003, Prime Books; ISBN: 189481584X)
  • Weirdmonger's Tales (info: Wyrd Press, Rosewood Cottage, Langtoft, Driffield, E Yorks YO25 0TQ, UK)
  • Best Of DF Lewis (info: Chris Reed, PO Box 625, Sheffield, S1 3GY, UK)
  • At'mõs faer (info:

Born 1948 in Walton-on-Naze, Essex. 1966-69 Lancaster University where he formed the Zeroist Group. Loves listening to 20th century 'classical' music and walking along Clacton seafront. Married with two grown up children.

Over 1200 DF Lewis stories have been published worldwide from 1987.

Five consecutive years in Year's Best Horror Stories. Stories in many prestigious literary journals such as Stand, Orbis, Iron, Panurge and London Magazine. In The Best New Horror Volumes One, Two and Eight. Several 'honourable mentions' in Year's Best Fantasy And Horror. Many stories in professional book anthologies. Also acclaimed novella Agra Aska published in severely limited edition, now seeking new publisher.

The major short story collection, Weirdmonger, was published in October 2003.

Some views on Agra Aska by DF Lewis (a novella). Info: Scorpion Press, 58 Stockport Rd, Timperley, Altrincham, Cheshire WA15 7SG, UK

I could go on to tell you about the references from literature, mythology and religion that are planted in the text like precious gemstones embedded in a rock face, landmines primed to explode at the tread of sensitive feet. I could rave about the sparkling dialogue, the elegant and witty prose, and the sheer passion that's to be found in some of the pronouncements. I could talk about resonances and patterns that weave back on themselves like a demented Mobius strip. I could do all of that and more, but if you haven't got the message that this book is a little bit special by now then I guess you never will -- Peter Tennant

What is really remarkable about the novella is not its sardonic wit, dark ethos, apocalyptic bombast, puckish surrealism or even its opening lines, the best opening lines of any fiction in the history of writing, but the fact it compresses the thousand strengths and thousand weaknesses of our most eccentric, wilful, retiring and yet conspicuous literary figure into an extremely neat 30,000 words -- Rhys Hughes

A stunning addition to Des's work ... a landmark event, both in Des's writing and in literature in general. It tells the story of John Bello; his dreams; his friends, his unusual childhood; his innocence challenged and retained, all set against the surreal backdrop of a destructive conflict that may remind the reader of the remote Orwellian wars of 1984 ... If you have not read Des Lewis before, prepare to be initiated into a new dimension -- Tim Lebbon

Lewis' 1st novella offers night read of genre-bridge 2 far...enuf 2 boggle Kafka & blanch Lovecraft...Say what may abt DFL but truly he's Merlin of Brit-Lit -- Dragon's Breath

Unlike any book ever written -- Dave Price

A paperback book has now been produced by CARTREF entitled Only Connect written, in collaboration, by DF Lewis and his father Gordon Lewis (born 1922). It contains ten honestly strange and mostly ghostly tales.

Only £5 (+ 60p p&p). Cheques payable to D Lewis. Please enquire regarding overseas terms.

A weird and wonderful collection that I totally recommend -- Tales of The Grotesque & Arabesque

For those who've squinted and wondered at DF Lewis' sometimes impenetrable prose, he's demonstrated here that he can tell a coherent tale as well as the next writer -- Allen Ashley

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