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Thanks for visiting infinity plus, home of additional stories set in the Veniss Underground Milieu. Click on a link below to read more Veniss stories, including "Quin's Shanghai Circus," an early version of the first chapter of Veniss Underground.

Veniss stories:

  • Balzac's War. In the far future, humankind fights a deadly war against their own bioneered creations who can bring back your loved one as aghost in flesh-and-bone... Plus a specially written afterword.
  • Ghost in the Machine. Living on, ghosts in the machine, they should be living books, vital links to the past. Instead: mere play things. Powerless. Almost...
  • A Heart for Lucretia. The story of a brother, a sister, and a Flesh Dog, and how two found a heart for the third. Plus a specially written afterword.
  • Quin's Shanghai Circus. He always had artistic dreams. And in a world where children play with genetic playdoh, creating creatures that move and breathe, all is malleable, all is art. Far-future sf meets dark fantasy, mediated by VanderMeer's vivid, poetic imagination; with an afterword by the author.

Other stories:

  • Dradin, in Love. He saw her in a window, by accident, and he fell in love immediately. But how could he, a penniless ex-missionary, ever hope to woo her? A major feature to mark publication of City of Saints and Madmen: a complete novella plus a non-fiction piece on one of the inspirations for the Ambergris stories.
  • Mahout. A powerful and moving story of man and beast -- a mahout and his elephant, Mary (she'd never hurt anybody before...). Plus a specially written afterword.
  • Three Days in a Border Town. The border town manifested itself to you at the end of a second week in the desert. You could have ignored it as false...


Interviews with Jeff VanderMeer:

  • An Interview with Jeff VanderMeer (March 2002)
    Jeff Ford talks to one of our more idiosyncratic and gifted writers about Ambergris, one of the most remarkable Fantastic locales in the history of the genre.
  • Jeff VanderMeer interviewed (April 2006)
    Jeff talks to Tom Hunter about weightlifting, added value, and the novel he never thought he'd finish.

Features by Jeff VanderMeer:

  • An Interview with Jeffrey Ford (March 2000)
    Jeff VanderMeer talks to World Fantasy Award winner Jeffrey Ford, author of novels including the unique and original The Physiognomy and a number of idiosyncratic and entertaining short stories.
  • Allen B Ruch: Creator of The Modern Word (August 2001)
    Jeff VanderMeer discovers how an author of game-related vampire writings ended up responsible for The Modern Word, a website exploring the work of some of the twentieth century's greatest writers.
  • An interview with Jeffrey Thomas (May 2000)
    Jeffrey Thomas, author of the stylish dark sf of Punktown and the man behind Necropolitan Press, talks to Jeff VanderMeer.


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