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And in the end...

Yes, it's time to call it a day.

Way back... August 1997: I put up stories from Stephen Baxter, Michael Cobley, Eric Brown and me, plus a few reprinted book reviews. And then I sat back and thought, "Job done." But... the thing picked up an incredible momentum, with writers approaching me, wanting to join in this online showcase where a bunch of authors put stuff up for free and share each other's readers around. That momentum lasted ten years, without showing any sign of flagging.

I flagged, though. At various points I considered calling it a day, but the site was rescued by first Nick Gevers and then Paul Barnett stepping in with invaluable editorial and organisational help.

But... it's been ten years now, and it's taken its toll. It's time I got my life back - my health has suffered recently, and running this thing takes a huge chunk of my time. Right now I need to shed some of the load. Maybe we'll be back one day with special updates, who knows? But for now, infinity plus will remain online as an archive, no longer updated.

We're finishing with the site's largest ever update: 70,000 words of fiction from site regulars and newcomers, a big batch of reviews, a final interview.

And it'd be really cool if you'd back our efforts to raise money for homeless people: we've done all this for free for ten years, so it'd be good to put something back.

Finally: I'm immensely grateful to our large team of contributors - reviewers, fiction authors, interviewers - everyone who has helped. It's been quite an incredible experience to be steering this beast for ten years. Thanks, everyone.

Keith Brooke, August 2007


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