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the novel by Jonathan Wylie


Welcome to London in 1993, where magic is the ultimate form of virtual reality.

This novel begins in the present, in a Britain which is recognizably our own but - from the point of view of the story - with one all-important difference. Magic (as opposed to mere conjuring) is an accepted part of society, and is regarded as the highest form of art.

"When the formidable principal of his college assigns Daniel Gillespie a special project, it is impossible for him to refuse. But what begins as a mildly intriguing and very lucrative venture gradually turns into something much more important - for Daniel personally and for his field of study.

For Daniel is an aspiring magician at the prestigious Royal Academy, and the project that he has been given leads him to the previously unknown papers of one of the great practitioners of the recent past. And Daniel discovers, as he immerses himself in the life of the master, that Sir Edward Beck not only held the key that could unlock the mysteries of his own family background, but also knew that there was much more to magic than mere concert performances."

-- from Orbit's cover copy

Magister by Jonathan Wylie is published by Orbit in December 1997.

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