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In Stone's Clasp

by Christie Golden

(Luna, 2005. U.S. $13.95 / Canada $16.95 trade paperback, 457 pages. ISBN: 0-373-80229-3.)

Review by Elizabeth Barrette

cover scanThis book picks up where On Fire's Wings left off. The Flame Dancer Kevla-sha-Tahmu has found her Companion, the great red Dragon, but she has lost her Lorekeeper. Now she must find the others -- Stone, Sea, Wind, and Soul -- for together they must fight to save the world from destruction by the Emperor and the Shadow.

Desert-born Kevla journeys into the far frozen north, seeking the Stone Dancer. She finds the land locked in an unnatural winter. In searching among the people there, Kevla meets the girl Mylikki, and learns of the Ice Maiden -- a supposedly mythical sorceress whose magic now keeps the world frozen. So Mylikki joins them as a native guide, and now they have two tasks: finding the Stone Dancer and breaking the frigid grip of the Ice Maiden.

Meanwhile, the Stone Dancer has problems of his own. Jareth Vasalen has long been able to call forth the spring, at the right time each year. His magic gives him a special sense for the land, its plants and creatures, his whole world. Yet now that power seems to have deserted him, for he cannot dismiss the terrible long winter. When he comes home from a hunting expedition to find his family frozen to death, Jareth becomes despondent and savage with grief. He goes in search of the blue tiger gods of his people -- but they are not what he believes them to be.

In Stone's Clasp tells a tragic and vibrant story of people struggling to survive against terrible odds. Expect the unexpected, for Christie Golden is the master of dire twists! Fantasy and dark fantasy fans will love this. Highly recommended.

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