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William P Simmons

Holding a Cum Laude Honors Degree in English, William P. Simmons is a 28 year old author, poet, editor, reviewer, critic, and journalist specializing in dark and fantastic fiction.

Writing the Literary Lesions column for Gauntlet magazine, William also writes Digging Up Bones, a review column of obscure horror fiction for Hellnotes, and, until recently, wrote the Folk Fears, column focusing on folklore for Twilight Showcase. A frequent book reviewer for Cemetery Dance and Hellnotes, William's non-fiction has also appeared in Ed Gorman's Mystery Scene, Canada's Rue Morgue, Green Man Review, Gothic.Net, etc.

As a journalist, William has spoken with some of the finest authors in the speculative field, including Ramsey Campbell, Graham Masterton, and T.M. Wright. That Terrible Freedom: An Interview With F. Paul Wilson On Repairman Jack is a special chapbook sold by Gauntlet Press. Our Ladies Of Darkness, his new interview series, will appear in Cemetery Dance magazine and analyze the works and lives of such authors as Poppy Z. Brite, Nancy A. Collins, etc.

Writing for only two years, William's first published story, "The Wind, When It Comes," will be given an honorable mention in this year's Best Fantasy And Horror. His other fiction and poetry sales include #2-9 of the Darkness Rising anthologies, Flesh & Blood, Decadence (2), Decadence (3), and, Chizine, and Gothic.Net.

His first collection, Becoming October, was published in October 2003 by the award winning Flesh&Blood Press. A second, By Reason of Darkness, was published by Prime Books in November 2003.

As anthologist, William edited Cold Touch, a collection of suggestive supernatural horror for prime books, with Maynard & Sims. Cold Touch is available this November. Vivisections, an anthology of intellectual, emotional, and physical pain, will be available from Catalyst Books in October, 2002, followed by Vivisections (2), the sequel. In addition, William is editing All Hallows: Tales For The Darkest Night Of The Year, for F&B press, and Grand Guignol for Prime. William is currently the editor-in-chief of Underworlds, the unique magazine of Noir-inspired supernatural, horror, and suspense fiction and commentary.

William lives in Potsdam, NY with his wife, Valarie, and daughter, Bonnie Lee Simmons.

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