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Stephen Palmer

pic of steve Stephen Palmer was born in 1962 and brought up in Wales and Shropshire. He was educated in Shrewsbury and at the University of London, where he read physics and computer science (giving up the latter because it was so boring). There followed the usual succession of menial jobs: science technician, physics technician. He presently works in a bookshop.

He wrote his first serious novel in 1986, and, after writing a series of not very good books, managed to produce the novel that eventually metamorphosed into Memory Seed. This, his debut, was published by Orbit (Little Brown Company) in 1996. A second novel, Glass, was published by Orbit in June 1997. His latest novels, Muezzinland, Flowercrash, and Hallucinating, are published by Cosmos Books.

He is very fond of cats, while his favourite plant is the papyrus. He is married with no children and lives in Devon.

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