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Stuart Hughes

photo of Stuart Hughes ...was born in Burton upon Trent in March 1965. He started writing seriously in 1988 and his first short story was published a year later.

Since then his fantasy, horror, and science fiction stories have been published in many magazines and anthologies, such as Black Tears, Chronicles, Dark Eyes, Dementia 13, Dreams From The Strangers' Cafe, Flickers 'n' Frames, Nasty Piece of Work, Night Dreams, North West News, Oktobyr '98, Overspace, Phantoms, Peeping Tom, Rattler's Tale, Razorblades, Read With Mummy and The Best of Warp Speed. His work has also appeared online in infinity plus and also in The House of Horror Fiction. In the summer of 1996 he began working on a series of collaborations with DF Lewis.

His first collection of short stories, titled Ocean Eyes, was published in May 1997 by Peeping Tom Books.

He is the publisher, and former editor, of Peeping Tom, the award winning magazine of menacing and bizarre tales of horror and the macabre. Peeping Tom won the British Fantasy Award in 1991 and 1992.

Stuart lives in Belper with his wife Margaret, two cats Mitzi and Bobby, and a cocker spaniel called Rory. He is currently working on his debut novel and actively seeking an agent to represent him.

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Stuart's first collection, Ocean Eyes, is reviewed elsewhere in infinity plus. Others have commented:

Stephen Gallagher: "Very powerful, driven by strong feeling, that grabbed my attention and drew me along easily."

Mark Chadbourn: "I really enjoyed this - it dealt with mature topics which is always a joy to see in genre stories. An excellent command of dialogue and that made the characters seem real to me."

Simon Clark: "I read this with a great big grin all over my face - I loved it."

Madeleine Finnegan: "This was so good I didn't want it to end. That's the highest accolade I ever give anyone!"

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