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Sarah Ash

I'm a Thursday's Child. In my case 'far to go' means that it took me a long long time to get published! Even though I started writing in my teens (and have several trunk novels to prove it!) I trained as a musician at university, studying composition. Most of my compositions were not 'respectable' in an academic sense as they were written for the theatre group which I belonged to which took productions into schools, borstals, prisons, etc. All the time I was working in schools, I was trying to write as well - but it was not until my children had started school that I could concentrate on my writing. I live in Kent with my husband and two sons - but count myself a Bathonian-in-exile as I was born and brought up in Bath.

My first short story to be published in Interzone was 'Mothmusic' in 1992 and proved to be my lucky break (thank you, Interzone!). The novels Moths to a Flame and Songspinners were published by Millennium in 1995 and 1996; The Lost Child, the third (unrelated) novel appeared in spring 1998. Lord of Snow and Shadows (Book One of The Tears of Artamon) appeared in 2003.

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