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Richard Bowes

Rick Bowes was born in Boston in 1944. In his third year as a freshman, he took a writing course with Mark Eisenstein at Minions of the Moon by Richard BowesHofstra College on Long Island in New York. For the last thirty-five years he has lived in New York City and done the usual jumble of things. He began writing Speculative Fiction in the early 1980's and had three novels Warchild, Feral Cell and Goblin Market published.

In 1992 Bowes started publishing stories narrated by the character Kevin Grierson. These eventually became the novel Minions Of The Moon. One story "Streetcar Dreams" won the World Fantasy Award for best novella. The novel itself won the Lambda Award.

A collection of short stories Transfigured Night And Other Stories was published by Time Warner in 2001. It includes the original novella, "My Life In Speculative Fiction."

Over the last few years Rick Bowes has been publishing stories about Time Rangers and gods. These have appeared online at and in the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. The story Straight To My Lover's Heart appeared in Black Gate #2.

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