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Patrick Welch

Patrick Welch earned a BA and MA in English from Bowling Green State University. Since returning to fiction writing after nearly a 20 year hiatus, he has published more than 50 short stories and several e-books. Titles include The Thirteenth Magician and The Casebook of Doakes and Haig, available from Twilight Times Books. The latter is available in trade paperback as well as download and CD. In February 2003, Cynnador was released by Twilight Times Books. An extract from Cynnador is available on infinity plus. The author also runs excerpts and reviews of his books on his website, Double Dragon E-Books has released The Body Shop, Westchester Station and Brendell; Apprentice Thief; Brendell: Rogue Thief.

The novel, Usurper, is published by Twilight Times Books, late in 2006; Patrick's collection of dark fantasy stories, Avenging Dreams and Other Curious Occupations, is published by Double Dragon e-Books (spring/summer 2006); and his vampire novel, Thorne, is due later from Twilight Times Books.

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