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Paul Pinn

... lives near London with his soulmate Elaine, and works in the world's oldest psychiatric hospital (founded 754 years ago).

He's had over 130 stories, articles and poems published in a variety of magazines and paperbacks in Europe and North America, plus on various websites.

Apart from the obvious reading and writing, his interests include music, films, food and drink. He also likes to travel, and often incorporates overseas experiences into his stories. Much of what he writes contains more than just a splash of autobiographical content, but which is fact and which is fiction is something he rarely discloses - which might be just as well!

As for what others have to say about him:

"One of the rising stars of British horror fiction, Pinn is adept at finding his way into the troubled psyches of his characters and - more importantly - getting out again afterwards"

--MJ Simpson, SFX Magazine

"Another exponent of the positive double spirit. After all, the light-and-joy merchants seem currently to have failed us, and I'm a great believer in tapping the Jungian undersump for alternative remedies"

--DF Lewis

"Pinn is a true stylist, with a voice and vision that are compelling, unique and intensely powerful"

--Simon Bestwick, Unreal Dreams

"The writer I'm most afraid to meet in the dark"

--Dave Logan, Grotesque

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