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Paul Di Filippo: a bibliography (to January 2000)



  • Unearth "Falling Expectations" Winter '77
  • The New York Times "Branding Organ Donors" 6/2/79
  • Twilight Zone "Rescuing Andy" May/June '85
  • F&SF "Stone Lives" August '85
    [Preliminary Nebula ballot. Reprinted in Mirrorshades .]
  • F&SF "Skintwister" March '86
    [Preliminary Nebula ballot. Reprinted in Hayakawa's Best SF of the Eighties
  • and in Italy by Casa Editrice Nord]
  • Night Cry "Yellowing Bowers" Summer '86
  • New Pathways "The Great Jones Coop Ten Gigasoul Party" July '86
  • New Pathways "Campion's Tree" September '86
  • New Pathways "Anselmo Merino" November '86
  • F&SF "Agents" April '87
    [Preliminary Nebula ballot. Reprinted in Garnett's Best SF '88]
  • New Pathways "Winter In America" August '87
  • Amazing "Kid Charlemagne" September '87
    [Final Nebula ballot.]
  • Night Cry "Little Doors" Fall '87
    [Preliminary Nebula ballot.]
  • F&SF "A Conspiracy of Noise" November '87
    [Preliminary Nebula ballot. Reprinted in Germany in Die Larm-Verschworung.]
  • F&SF "A Short Course In Art Appreciation" May '88
    [Preliminary Nebula ballot. Reprinted in Garnett's Best SF '89, and in the Russian F&SF, No. 27-28.]
  • The Drabble Book "Triplets" April '88
  • SF Eye "The Jones Continuum" Issue No. 3
  • New Pathways "Waterloo Sunset" July '88
  • F&SF "Instability" September '88
    [Written with Rudy Rucker. Reprinted in Benford's What Might Have Been,Volume II, in Transreal!, and in Lost Pages]
  • Amazing "A Thief In Babylon" January '89
    [Preliminary Nebula ballot.]
  • F&SF "Do You Believe In Magic?" January '89
    [Reprinted in Fractal Paisleys .]
  • Synergy "Phylogenesis" Volume 3
    [Reprinted in Hayakawa's SF Magazine.]
  • Pulphouse "Billy" Volume 2
  • Hardware "The Moon-Bonham Effect" Issue No. 1
  • New Pathways "I Kant Cuz I'm Too Jung" September '89
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    [Preliminary Nebula ballot. Reprinted in Ribofunk, and in Spain in Gigamesh No. 20.]
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    [Reprinted in Destroy All Brains! .]
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  • Arrows of Desire "Before and After Science" Issue No. 2
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    [Preliminary Nebula ballot. Reprinted in Ribofunk.]
  • F&SF "The Boot" December '90
    [Reprinted in Ribofunk.]
  • Hardware "Gravitons" Issue No. 2
  • Nebula Awards "My Alphabet Starts Where Your Alphabet Ends" Volume 24
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  • Journal Wired "Spandex" Volume 3
  • Journal Wired "Moloch" Volume 3
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  • After Hours "A Night in the Thirteenth Avenue Mission" No. 17
  • Amazing "Afterschool Special" June 1993
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  • F&SF "Sleep Is Where You Find It" Sept 1993
    [Written with Marc Laidlaw]
  • Amazing "Suits" Aug 1993
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    [Reprinted in Ribofunk.]
  • Amazing "Campbell's World" Sept 1993
    [Reprinted in Lost Pages.]
  • New Worlds "Streetlife" No. 3
    [Reprinted in Ribofunk. Reprinted in Italy in Cuori Elettrici.]
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    [Reprinted in The Steampunk Trilogy.]
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  • Universe "McGregor" No. 3
    [Reprinted in Ribofunk]
  • SF Age "The Ballad of Sally NutraSweet(TM)" May 1994
    [Reprinted in France in CyberDreams magazine No.9, and in Destroy All Brains! ]
  • BBR "Mud Puppy Goes Uptown" No. 22
    (Nominated for the British SF Association Award)
  • The Third Alternative "Strange Brew" No. 2
  • Interzone "The Double Felix" Sept. 1994
    [Winner of the BSFA Award for Best Short Story of 1994. Reprinted in Fractal Paisleys .]
  • Proud Flesh "Time Travel Blasphemies 1 & 2" No. 1
  • Pirate Writings "Bad Beliefs" Fall 1994
    [Reprinted in The Best of Pirate Writings.]
  • Pirate Writings "Leakage" Spring 1995
    [Reprinted in Destroy All Brains! and in The Best of Pirate Writings.]
  • Amazing Anthology "Linda and Phil" Spring 1995
    [Reprinted in Lost Pages.]
  • Interzone "Distributed Mind" April 1995
    [Reprinted in Ribofunk .]
  • SF Age "Otto And Toto In The Oort" May 1995
  • Interzone "Big Eater" June 1995
    [Reprinted in Ribofunk .]
  • Asimov's "Take Me To The Pilot" August 1995
    [Reprinted in Destroy All Brains! .]
  • Space and Time "Shake It To The West" Fall 1995
  • SF Age "Spondulix" Sept. 1995
  • The Edge "Fantasy Trilogy" Vol. 2 No. 1
    [Reprinted in Non-Stop #3]
  • Interzone "Flying the Flannel" Jan 1996
    [Reprinted in Fractal Paisleys .]
  • Dreams From The Strangers Cafe "Everywhere Is Now" No. 5
  • Aberrations "Your Gold Teeth, Pt. 2" No. 36
    [Written with Don Webb]
  • The Thirteenth Moon "My Two Best Friends" May 1996
  • Shock Waves "My Adventures With The SPCA" Vol 1.1
  • Aberrations "Going Abo" No. 37
  • The Edge "The Death of Salvador Dali" Vol. 2 No. 3
    (Reprinted in Fantastic Worlds, No. 2)
  • Pirate Writings "And Them, Too, I Hope" No. 11
  • Interzone "Life Sentence" Sept. '96
  • SF Age "The Jackdaw's Last Case" Jan. '97
    [Reprinted in Lost Pages.]
  • Pirate Writings "Distances" No. 13
  • Interzone "Alice, Alfie, Ted And The Aliens" March '97
    [Reprinted in Lost Pages.]
  • Interzone "The Cobain Sweater" June '97
    [Reprinted in Fractal Paisleys .]
  • Interzone "The Happy Valley at the End of the World" Nov. '97
    [Reprinted in Lost Pages.]
  • SF Age "Jack Neck and the Worry Bird" July '98
  • The Edge "Our House" May-June '98
  • After Yesterday's Crash "Pulp Alibis" Fall '98
    [This story appears only in the Italian edition of this Larry McCaffery anthology, Schegge d'America.]
  • Pirate Writings "Fax" No. 17
  • Interzone "Angelmakers" March '99
  • Moon Shots "The Man Who Stole the Moon" June '99
  • SF Age "The Square Root of Pythagoras" Nov. '99 [written with Rudy Rucker]
  • Amazing "Working For The U" Winter 2000


  • F&SF "Stink Lines" (TBA)
  • Ziesing Books "The Reluctant Book" (TBA)

My nonfiction has appeared regularly in Science Fiction Eye, Thrust/Quantum, Rem/SF Guide, New Pathways, The Washington Post, Reflex, Raygun, Amazing, SF Age, Asimov's SF, F&SF, Sci-Fi Entertainment, the St. James Guide to Fantasy Writers, the St. James Guide to Horror Writers, Wired, the San Francisco Chronicle, and The SFWA Bulletin.

An autobiographical essay on the author can be found in Contemporary Author Autobiographies, Volume 29, published by Gale Research.


Four Walls Eight Windows The Steampunk Trilogy Spring 1995
ISBN: 1-56858-028-2 [Hardcover]
[Reprinted in Italy by Casa Editrice Nord]

Four Walls Eight Windows Ribofunk Spring 1996
ISBN: 1-56858-062-2 [Hardcover]

Pirate Writings Destroy All Brains! Fall 1996
ISBN: 0-964-01687-7 [Chapbook]

Permeable/Cambrian Ciphers Summer 1997
ISBN: 1-882633-30-X [Hardcover/softcover]

Four Walls Eight Windows Fractal Paisleys Fall 1997
ISBN: 1-56858-032-0 [Hardcover]
Nominated for the World Fantasy Award, Best Collection.

Four Walls Eight Windows The Steampunk Trilogy Fall 1997
ISBN: 1-56858-102-5 [Softcover]

Four Walls Eight Windows Lost Pages Fall 1998
ISBN: 1-56858-099-1 [Softcover]
Nominated for the Philip K. Dick Award.

Avon Eos Ribofunk Fall 1998
ISBN: 0-380-73076-6 [Softcover]

Longstreet Press Would It Kill You To Smile? Fall 1998
[Written with Michael Bishop]
ISBN: 1-56352-511-9 [Hardcover]


Cambrian Joe's Liver Fall 1999

St. Martin's Muskrat Courage Spring 2000


  • (Pirate Writings, POB 329, Brightwaters, NY 11718)
  • (4W8W, 39 West 14th Street, #503, NY, NY 10011)
  • (Cambrian Publications PO Box 112170, Campbell, CA 95011)
  • (Longstreet Press, 2140 Newmarket Parkway, Suite 122, Marietta, GA 30067)

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