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Paul CollinsPaul Collins

Paul Collins was born in England. When he was nine his family emigrated to New Zealand and at eighteen he came to Australia. In 1975 he launched the first issue of Void, a science fiction magazine. Since then he has published most of Australia's science fiction authors.

He is Australia's most prolific genre short story writer. His stories have appeared in over 140 magazines such as, Eidolon, Aurealis, PC User, Orbit, Challenge, Pursuit, Omega, Cicada and anthologies like Gothic Ghosts, Urban Fantasies, Alien Shores and Dreaming Down-Under.

He has a black belt in both taekwondo and jujitsu, and was an amateur kick boxer trained by Dana Goodson, then the Heavyweight Kick Boxing Champion of Australia. He puts this knowledge to good use in his popular Calloway stories, and the novel Cyberskin.

His writing leans heavily towards children now, and in the past five years he has written and edited fifty-seven fiction and non-fiction books.

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