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Patricia Anthony

Patricia Anthony is one of the most critically acclaimed new science fiction writers of the 1990s.

Her first novel, Cold Allies, won a Locus Award. Her second, Brother Termite, has been optioned by Jim Cameronís Lightstorm Productions, John Sayles adapting, David Cronenberg to direct. Her fifth novel, Happy Policeman, was short listed for Great Britainís prestigious Clarke Award. She is also the author of Conscience Of The Beagle, Cradle Of Splendor, and Godís Fires, which was named by Publisherís Weekly as one of 1997ís Best of the Year.

She teaches creative writing at Southern Methodist University.


Cold Allies, Harcourt Brace 1993, Ace 1994 (paperback)

  • The Washington Post: "A gripping new-future thriller."
  • The Chicago Tribune: "A marvelous mingling of mind games and mystery."
  • The Christian Science Monitor: "She out-Clancys Tom Clancy."
  • The Minneapolis Star Tribune: "Spare, propulsive, handsomely written. Don't miss it!"

Brother Termite, Harcourt Brace 1993, Ace 1995 (paperback)

  • Publishers Weekly: "Incisive political satire . . . a rewarding read."
  • Library Journal: "Anthony has taken the alien invasion cliché and transformed it into a brilliant parody of the modern political thriller."
  • San Francisco Chronicle: "Heartbreakingly moving."
  • Denver Post: "A brilliantly effective psychological political thriller and creation of an alien mind."

Conscience of the Beagle, First Books (hardcover) 1993, Ace 1995 (paperback)

  • Library Journal: "Anthony transforms a mini-technothriller into a sensitive exploration of human motivation."
  • Kirkus Reviews: "Told in a creamy-smooth first person … an altogether terrifyingly complex … puzzler. Anthony's meteoric rise to the novelistic front ranks is thoroughly deserved."

Happy Policeman, Harcourt Brace 1994, Ace, 1996

  • Library Journal: "Her ability to capture the eerieness of alien civilization while simultaneously exploring the foibles of human society mark her as one of the genre's premier authors."
  • Publishers Weekly: "Anthony's sure pacing and character development make it enjoyable and rewarding."

Cradle of Splendor, Ace 1996 (hardcover), Ace 1997 (paperback)

  • The New York Daily News: "A real stylist …determined to break the bounds of speculative fiction …A joy to read. Anthony is one seriously fine talent."
  • Booklist: "…a tautly written futuristic spy thriller that echoes the best of le Carre."
  • Publishers Weekly: "Anthony adds to her reputation through a briskly moving narrative that offers disturbing glimpses into the black holes of the human heart."

God's Fires, Ace 1998 (hardcover)

  • The Washington Post: "...a magnetic and spiritually uncompromising novel, and a delight to read."
  • The San Francisco Chronicle: "…filled with complex, memorable characters, meticulous attention to historical detail and beautifully crafted prose. Anthony provides no easy answers, but the questions that she raises linger long after the last page is turned."
  • Publishers Weekly: "…a beautifully written speculative historical full of complex characters and difficult moral dilemmas"
  • The Dallas Morning News: "Labeling God's Fires 'science fiction' is akin to dismissing Gone With the Wind as 'just another romance.'"

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