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Noel K Hannan

Born in 1967, Noel K Hannan lives in Crewe, Cheshire, where he works as a computer centre manager.

Noel has harboured ambitions to be a professional author for something like twenty years, but it is only in recent years that his work has begun to reach a wider audience. In the early 90s his short fiction was widely published in the small press and his comic scripts in American independent comics. He has collaborated with comic artists Rik Rawling and Derek Gray on such titles as Night of the Living Dead (a licensed continuation of the George Romero movie), Air Warriors and Tales from the Weird West. He is also a prolific self-publisher, editing and publishing the anthology magazine Nightfall from 1990-1992 and co-founding the comics-based Bad to the Bone outfit that has published the Streetmeat series and has re-released some early issues in the critically-acclaimed Air Warriors series first published in the USA.

In 1998 Bad to the Bone was replaced by Noel's latest publishing venture, ANKH. Recent releases include a series of illustrated prose booklets featuring Noel's short stories - Thoughts on Life and Death from the Tarkaha features in a new booklet, teamed with the longer 'Magic Box' and illustrated by Derek Gray and BJ Wilson (available from ANKH for 1.50). Earlier Bad to the Bone publications can still be ordered through ANKH.

One of Noel's biggest successes to date has been the publication of the story "A Night on the Town" in David Garnett's New Worlds anthology in 1997, alongside such luminaries as Michael Moorcock, Ian Watson, Garry Kilworth, Pat Cadigan and Eric Brown.

Noel's first book, the collection Shenanigans, was published by Pendragon Press in 2000. The book includes several stories available elsewhere in infinity plus and a number of other originals and reprints. In his introduction to Shenanigans, Ian Watson says: "Welcome to the worlds of Noel Hannan -- gritty, passionate, painful, and lyrical. Welcome to his words which so vividly describe those worlds with such buoyant invention, energy, grim irony and, yes, evocative beauty too." Shenanigans is available for 6.99, from Pendragon Press, PO Box 12, Maesteg, Mid Glamorgan, South Wales, CF34 0XG, UK.

Noel has also recently had a small part to play in an ambitious project - the creation of a small-scale (for now) version of himself called Alexander Camillus John Hannan who arrived on July 10th 1997 and weighed in at 6lb 5oz. Despite much support from wife Helen young Alex is very selfishly dominating Dad's spare time so the usually prolific Hannan output may well be curtailed for several years!

In 1998 Noel published a one-off online prose anthology called Satellite Feedback featuring work by Ian Watson, Eric Brown, Keith Brooke, Paul Schuytema, Mike Cobley, NKH, and art by BTTB and ANKH regulars Rik Rawling, Derek Gray, BJ Wilson, Michael Marrak and others. Information on this project, excerpts from unpublished novels, graphics and general information about NKH and ANKH can be found at the ANKH web-site.

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  • Noel runs ANKH, an independent publisher of streetwise graphic fiction.
  • Find out about Noel's collection, Shenanigans, published by Pendragon Press.

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