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Mike O'Driscoll

Mike O'Driscoll has been writing stories for ten years, and has been published in a wide variety of magazines including, The Third Alternative, BBR, Crime Wave, Interzone, Fear, Works, Auguries, Far Point, Indigenous Fiction, Freezer Burn, Albedo One, Peeping Tom, Unreal Dreams, Maelstrom, and in the anthologies Off Limits, and Lethal Kisses, both edited by Ellen Datlow, Nick Royle's NeonLit Volume 1, and Darklands 2, all three volumes of Cold Cuts, Decalog 5, Last Rites and Resurrections, and Chris Kenworthy's slipstream anthology The Sun Rises Red. Mike has also written articles on the films of David Cronenberg and David Lynch for The Third Alternative. He's currently working on a novel, but then, who isn't?

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  • Mike is news editor at the leading genre ezine Alien Online.

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