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Molly Brown

Molly Brown writes in several different genres. Her SF, crime and fantasy short stories have appeared in magazines and anthologies around the world. Her first published SF story, "Bad Timing", orginally appeared in Interzone 54. It won the British Science Fiction Award for Best Short Story of 1991 and has been reprinted several times since, Bad Timing and other storiesincluding on the Internet.

She is author of four books:

  • Virus (Point SF, UK; Giallo Junior,Italy)
  • Cracker: To Say I Love You (Virgin, UK; Gummerus, Finland; Futami, Japan; St Martin's Press, US; Dead Letter Press, US)
  • Invitation To A Funeral (Gollancz, UK; Vista, UK; Goldmann, Germany; St Martin's Press, US)
  • A collection of short fiction, Bad Timing and Other Stories (Big Engine, UK).

She is also webmistress of an online tour of Restoration London and is currently working on a new SF novel.

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