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Lauren HalkonLauren Halkon

Lauren started writing back in the midst of adolescence, when she really should not have put pen to paper at all. She perpetrated a terrible fantasy novel at the age of 18, and an equally terrible horror novella one year later.

After that she drifted into obsolescence for a while, and then, at the age of 23, started writing again and, lo and behold, soon found her first publications with Roadworks and Visionary Tongue. This was in 1998, since then she has Night Seekers by Lauren Halkonmanaged to worm her way into the independent press and has also made her first professional sale, her story, "Field of Angels", appearing in the April edition of Realms of Fantasy. Her novel, Night Seekers, was published in September 2002 by Cosmos Books, a project which she worked very hard on, producing both the cover art and design as well as several hundred pages of prose. Her collection of short stories, Chrysalis, was published by Prime Books in June 2006.

For the future she hopes to eventually find a publisher for the fantasy trilogy she completed two years ago and to write another stand alone dark fantasy novel along the lines of Night Seekers. There's also a young adults' book that needs rewriting. The only thing needed now is more time!

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