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Lawrence Dyer

The Four-thousand-year-old Boy first appeared in Interzone #73 (July, 1993). That year it was listed in Locus' Recommended Reading List and Lawrence was contacted by a film production company about making the story into a short film for the UK's Channel Four.

Further stories by this author have appeared in The Third Alternative, Scheherazade, Grotesque, Strange Attractor, Last Rites and Resurrections, and others. Lawrence's most recent Interzone story is 'Colonies' (Interzone #138, December 1998).

For many years he lived with his wife in a small stone cottage in the Pennines, surrounded by bizarre rock formations and swathes of heather moor. This experience inspired Lawrence's first book, A Cottage on the Moss (Prime Books, 2003), an autobiographical account of the ups and downs of a remote rural existence praised by Jeff VanderMeer, DF Lewis and others.

They now have two children and have swapped the heather moors for the salt marshes on a remote part of the Essex coast. So far Lawrence has spent his working life in education, teaching English and Creative Writing in colleges. On the net he runs Dowse, an arts portal and archive. He has written a fantasy novel set in Neolithic times, and this has now just begun doing the rounds of the publishers.

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