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Jeffrey Ford

Jeffrey Ford is the author of five novels:

  • Vanitas (Space & Time Press, 1988)
  • The Physiognomy (Eos/HarperCollins, 1997; winner of The World Fantasy Award for best novel 97 and a New York Times Notable Book of the Year 97)
  • Memoranda (Eos/HarperCollin, 1999s; New York Times Notable Book of the Year 99)
  • The Beyond (Eos/HarperCollins,2001; Washington Post Book World's Best Books of 2001)
  • The Portrait of Mrs Charbuque (Morrow, 2002; reviewed elsewhere on this site by John Grant)

His short fiction has appeared in the following venues: The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, SciFiction, Event Horizon, Black Gate, Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, The Northwest Review, Puerto Del Sol, MSS, Space & Time, etc. His story, "The Fantasy Writer's Assistant," was a finalist for the 2000 Nebula Award, and "At Reparata" appeared in The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror Vol.13.

The summer of 2002 saw the publication of Ford's first collection of stories, The Fantasy Writer's Assistant & Other Stories (from Golden Gryphon Press), a novel, The Portrait of Mrs. Charbuque (Morrow/Harper Collins), and a story, "The Green Word" (The Green Man and Other Tales of the Mythic Wood, a YA anthology from Penguin, edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling).

The novella, The Cosmology of the Wider World, was published by PS Publishing in 2005, and an extract is available elsewhere on this site.

Ford teaches Writing and Literature at Brookdale Community College in Monmouth County, New Jersey, and lives in south Jersey with his wife and two sons.

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