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Jon Courtenay Grimwood

author pic I'm a freelance journalist and single father (the kid lives with me in North London). I was born in Malta and christened in the up-turned bell of a submarine. I grew up in Malta, England, the Far East and Norway, flying back to school for term time.

I've parachuted, skied, water skied and played rugger (and have the crushed bones in my neck to prove it). I've hitched round much of Europe in my time and been on a train held up by terrorists.

I write for the nationals and the glossies because they pay the mortgage, and also books for Gollancz (for love, more or less). I've been reading voraciously ever since I learnt and I buy many more books than I'll ever have time to read.

My interests are smart drugs, swimming, computers and a small village house I own in Spain, though it's near the edge of a cliff and the place next door recently half went over the edge in the storms, so it's probably quite literally a diminishing asset.

I got married (again) in New York about 12 years ago to a workaholic journalist who now edits one of the UK glossies (we communicate mostly by e-mail).

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