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Interzone 177 - the infinity plus issue

Interzone 177
guest-edited by the team from infinity plus
fiction and features: Keith Brooke and Nick Gevers
reviews: John Grant
cover: Dominic Harman
infinity plus - interzone cover art
The second venture into print for infinity plus
(see also Infinity Plus one and then, later in 2002, Infinity Plus two)

The March 2002 issue of Hugo Award-winning SF magazine, Interzone, was guest-edited by the infinity plus team, with fiction, features and reviews from a selection of this site's contributors. Two of the short stories in this issue have since been short-listed for the British Science Fiction Award.

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  • Dominic Harman, illustrating "Five British Dinosaurs"


  • Five British Dinosaurs ... Michael Swanwick (illustrated by Dominic Harman) - short-listed for the British Science Fiction Award
  • If Lions Could Speak: Imagining the Alien ... Paul Park - short-listed for the British Science Fiction Award
  • Sins of the Father ... Mark Roberts and Neil Williamson (illustrated by Mark Roberts)
  • What Goes Up a Chimney? Smoke! ... Paul Di Filippo
  • Tread Softly ... Brian Stableford
  • The Head ... James Lovegrove


  • Editorial ... Keith Brooke, Nick Gevers and John Grant
  • Interzone's Guide to SF on the Web ... Peter D Tillman
  • The Spin Of A Coin, An Anthology Of Souls: An Interview With Kim Stanley Robinson ... Nick Gevers

Book reviews by John Grant, Nick Gevers, Randy M Dannenfelser, Stuart Carter, Joash Lacey, Lou Anders, Jeff VanderMeer and Keith Brooke.

Plus several of the magazine's regular features.


Details of subscribing and purchasing single issues of Interzone are available on the infinity plus Interzone profile - including details of a special subscription offer for readers of infinity plus.

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