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Freda Warrington

'Through Lifeblood the Legend Returns...'

pic of freda Since 1986, Freda Warrington has been entertaining readers with voluptuous tales of fantasy, vampires and the supernatural. Inspired by the beautiful Charnwood Forest area in which she grew up, and by early exposure to the vampire genre, she began writing in childhood and is now the bestselling author of many novels. Her first novel, A Blackbird in Silver (NEL), was published in 1986 and she is also the author of the highly-acclaimed vampire series, A Taste of Blood Wine, A Dance in Blood Velvet and The Dark Blood of Poppies (Pan Macmillan). Her sensual novel of modern-day paganism and the supernatural, Dark Cathedral, and its sequel, Pagan Moon, are published by Penguin. You can find a sample of Pagan Moon on this site, plus an exclusive extract from something rather special...

1997 is the Centenary of the publication of Bram Stoker's classic novel Dracula. To celebrate both the Centenary and her lifelong fascination with 'the children of the night,' Freda has written a sequel to Dracula, called Dracula the Undead - see extract - which was published by Penguin on 31st October. Appropriately, it is her thirteenth novel!

Further novels have followed, including Court of the Midnight King (extract available elsewhere on this site), which the infinity plus review describes as "seductive, sensuous and rich".

She was born in Leicestershire and, after training at Loughborough College of Art, worked in medical art, graphic design and illustration while writing in her spare time. Now a full-time writer living in Derbyshire, she also enjoys art, reading, mythology, psychology, travel, conventions, and things Gothic. In August 1997 she appeared at Vampyria, a huge Dracula Centenary celebration in London, alongside such illustrious Hammer Horror film stars as Ingrid Pitt!

At Freda's own web site you can find further information on her work, bibliography, an interview with Freda, further extracts from Dracula the Undead and Pagan Moon, plus tantalising tasters of Dark Cathedral and The Dark Blood of Poppies.

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