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Born in Leeds in 1964, Charlie Stross began selling short stories in 1987 ("The Boys", Interzone). Since then he's gone on to sell lots more and his 2001 novelette "Lobsters" has been shortlisted for the Hugo award. His collection of short stories, Toast, was published early in 2002 by Cosmos Books. At present, Asimov's SF Magazine is running a series of his novelettes, while his short novel The Atrocity Archive is being serialised in Spectrum SF; a novel (Festival of Fools) is due out from Big Engine in early 2003.

After initially training as a pharmacist, he decided on a career change after being staked out for an armed robbert by the police twice in one month. Drug-dealing being passe for cyberpunks, he went into hacking, acquired a degree in computer science, and spent the next ten years immersed in the world of UNIX and the internet. After a successful dot-com flotation (successful for the dot-com he worked for, that is -- it didn't make him an internet millionaire) he quit the day job and went full-time as a freelance writer and journalist in early 2000. His non-fiction magazine columns can be found in Linux Format and Computer Shopper.

He currently lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, in a tenement flat populated by various antique computers, bits of his partner's microbrewery, and a cat whose self-appointed role is to enforce the keyboard breaks.

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