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Anna Tambour

Anna Tambour, a former industrial designer, is now a Monterra's Deliciosa & Other Tales & by Anna Tambourfull-time writer with a particular interest in examining humans' relationships with other species; science, society, and how fashions change our perceptions. These excursions lead her to base her stories on truth, which she finds weird enough.

She currently lives in the Australian bush with a large family of other animals. Internationally published, her short stories have appeared online at Strange Horizons and The HMS Beagle: BioMedNet Magazine. Her e-mail is

Anna's first collection, Monterra's Deliciosa & Other Tales &, was published by Prime in September 2003. In his introduction to that book, Keith Brooke wrote:

"I talked my way into writing the foreword to this volume on the strength of a handful of off-beat and quite brilliant stories Anna has submitted to me at infinity plus. Now, having read all the contents of this collection, I have been struck over and over by a series of triumphs."

Others have written:

"Anna Tambour writes with compassion, mischievous humour, and an at times mouth-watering sensuality, delving into the daily world and beyond to find the riches of magic."- KJ Bishop

"Wholesome and vital like our daily bread and yet twisted, detouring into the realm of eldritch wisdom that is the salt of the earth, Anna Tambour's debut collection Monterra's Deliciosa is a welcome offering at the door to uncanny places. Do not hesitate to partake and step within."-Vera Nazarian

"Exuberant Decadence brought into the twenty-first century. Tambour's first story collection exhibits verve, style, and an endless appetite for succulent detail. Rapacious, intelligent, and witty." - Jeff VanderMeer

Anna's first novel, Spotted Lily, was published by Prime in 2005.

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