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infinity plus introduces...

...authors or books that may be unfamiliar to current readers but should not be.

In this occasional series, authors seek to draw your attention to works of sf, fantasy or horror they feel are not currently getting the attention they deserve: an author who has slipped from prominence, an overlooked current writer, a lost masterpiece, or maybe someone who's never had the attention they deserve.

Recent additions: Recommended Modern Anthologies of Cthulhu Mythos Fiction by William P Simmons, John Christopher's Tripods trilogy by Keith Brooke, Talented Dreamer: an appreciation of the fiction of Zoran Zivkovic by Tamar Yellin.

  • Eric Brown: Keith Brooke introduces...
    Eric Brown's Deep Future
    Keith Brooke looks at the creator of a fictional universe that is as distinctive as any operating in the field of science fiction today.

    -- added: March 2004 --
  • Simon Brown: Edwina Harvey introduces...
    Simon Brown's The Keys of Power Trilogy
    Who is the hero and who are the bad guys? Not such an easy question to answer when the author is intent on doing epic fantasy in his own, very individual, way.

    -- added: October 2005 --
  • GK Chesterton: David Langford introduces...
    Digging Up the Future: On GK Chesterton
    A writer can be so versatile and too-damn-brilliant that nobody trusts him: a producer of notable fantasy, detective fiction, essays, verse, apologetics, polemic, plays, biography, criticism, you name it. David Langford reminds us of Chesterton's sf credentials.

    -- added: October 2001 --

  • John Christopher: Keith Brooke introduces...
    John Christopher's Tripods trilogy
    Keith Brooke introduces a young-adult science-fiction series that really does deserve the label 'classic'.

    -- added: February 2006 --
  • Helen Cresswell: David Mathew introduces...
    Helen Cresswell's The Winter of the Birds
    Childhood memories of a novel that chilled and amazed and one which repays rereading as an adult - a seriously undervalued volume of urban fantasy.

    -- added: February 2003 --
  • James Lovegrove: Eric Brown introduces...
    James Lovegrove's Gig
    In Gig James Lovegrove has created not only a pair of novellas that will stand proudly alongside the many volumes about rock-stars and the music business, but a convincing portrait of an ordinary individual elevated to extraordinary, one could say almost messianic/demonic, heights... or even depths.

    -- added: February 2004 --
  • JP Martin: David Langford introduces...
    Second Childhood: JP Martin - the creator of Uncle
    It's time to rip the lid off a secret cult lurking undetected in the sf/fantasy community ... a cult so obscure that most of its members don't know that it exists. These people are the fans of Uncle.

    -- added: April 2002 --

  • Hope Mirrlees: Michael Swanwick introduces...
    The Lady Who Wrote Lud-in-the-Mist
    What a strange creature Hope Mirrlees was! Find out about one of the founders of modern fantasy literature.

    -- added: December 2000 --
  • Naomi Mitchison: Gavin Grant introduces...
    Travel Light by Naomi Mitchison
    Gavin Grant introduces a classic novel that is incandescently imaginative, full of delights, and confounds expectations at every turn.

    -- added: October 2005 --
  • Edgar Allen Poe: Adam Roberts introduces...
    Edgar Allen Poe's Hans Pfaall
    Poe is often described as the place where Science Fiction, as we understand it, starts. Adam Roberts writes here about the Poe tale that has haunted him the most: a neglected masterpiece of SF, "The Unparalleled Adventure of One Hans Pfaall".

    -- added: May 2002 --
  • Simon Raven: Howard Watson introduces...
    The Gothic World of Simon Raven
    Howard Watson introduces readers to an author with an outrageously fertile imagination and elegant way with words, whose gothic novels had, until recently, languished out of print.

    -- added: September 2003 --
  • Anna Tambour : Keith Brooke introduces...
    Anna Tambour's Monterra's Deliciosa & Other Tales
    Keith Brooke introduces an author who writes miraculous little fabulations, each crammed with invention and insight and humour and above all a quirky difference that makes them quite unlike the work of any other.

    -- added: August 2004 --

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