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Falling Over by James Everington

Falling Over
Falling Over

Sometimes when you fall over you don't get up again. And sometimes, you get up to find everything has changed:

An ordinary man who sees his face in a tabloid newspaper. A soldier haunted by the images of those he has killed from afar. Two petty criminals on the run from a punishment more implacable than either of them can imagine. Doppelgängers both real and imaginary. A tranquil English village where those who don't fit in really aren't welcome, and a strange hotel where second chances are allowed... at a price.

Ten stories of unease, fear and the weird from James Everington.

Published: 14 Jul 2013

"an excellent collection, well-crafted, imaginative and chilling" Amazing Stories

"There are times when you read a new author's work and you simply sit back and admire. This is one of those times... without a doubt an author to watch, a burgeoning talent we are likely to be talking about in years to come." Phil Sloman, British Fantasy Society reviews

"Good writing gives off fumes, the sort that induce dark visions, and Everington’s elegant, sophisticated prose is a potent brew. Imbibe at your own risk." - Robert Dunbar, author of The Pines and Martyrs & Monsters.

"The horror angle in the stories is almost always a metaphor for other things – loneliness, fear, isolation, regret. The word “haunting” really does double duty here... Beautifully written, evocative, masterful...what shines through these stories is the author’s love of language." Red Adept Reviews, 2011 Indie Awards Short Story category.

"Everington is excellent at evoking a mounting sense of unease, turning to dread, that close, oppressive feeling when everything is still and ordinary, but the whole world is filled with the sense that something huge and terrible is just about to happen." Iain Rowan, author of One Of Us and Nowhere To Go.

James Everington

I'm a writer from Nottingham, England and I mainly write short stories. Most of what I write is dark, supernatural fiction, although not necessarily 'horror' in the blood and guts sense. My main influences are writers like Ramsey Campbell, Shirley Jackson, and Robert Aickman.

I've had stories published in magazines like Supernatural Tales, Dark Moon Digest and Morpheus Tales, and the anthologies Pulp Ink 2 and Off The Record 2.

I enjoy the unexplained, the psychological, and the ambiguous in my weird fiction, and this is the kind of story I try and write.

I drink Guinness, if anyone's offering.

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