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Smoke Paper Mirrors: a short saga for our times by Anna Tambour

Smoke Paper Mirrors: a short saga for our times
Smoke Paper Mirrors: a short saga for our times

From the totally not bestselling author of Crandolin (shortlisted for the World Fantasy Award), an extraordinary and moving novel that confronts and defies boundaries.

"Thank you," said Arthur. "There's always hope." He'd always hated that facile truism, but said it because he'd thought it was expected. From the Croatian's startled expression, he knew how gruesomely wrong he was.

That night Mrs Ma's butterfly brooch came to him in a dream - flying in, pinless, through the open window. It landed on his open palm and closed its wings in repose. Such a comforting sign, Melmet would say. But she read Turkish coffee mud.

"a very curious writer" - Ian O'Reilly, British Fantasy Society review of The Finest Ass in the Universe

"Anna Tambour is an example of one." - Ben Peek, The Super Obscure, Nobody's-Ever-Read, You-Must-Read, Pimp-All-The-Books thread

Cover by Anna Tambour

Published: 23 Mar 2017

'At turns laugh-out loud funny and heartbreaking, always wise and full of unexpected joys, this is a book you'll reread, and recommend to friends, for years to come.' Greg Bossert, Amazon

'...absolutely wonderful ... The whole thing has a lightness and then such shadows which leave a not quite graspable, but profound tracery. It's just great and should somehow be a best-seller.' Douglas Penick, Goodreads

'...joins the ranks of those novels I have loved that is diminished by any form of review... I keep thinking about this book. Not an uncommon phenomenon with Tambour's stuff. Will it make you feel good? Possibly, if you find Dostoyevsky a cheerful romp. Will it make you feel? Definitely. An important work from a important writer.' David Kowalski, Goodreads

Anna Tambour

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